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Vocal Coaching

Vocal Performance Coaching takes the raw components of your voice, mindset, and confidence, and draws out all of your potential to see you develop healthy vocal technique, complete control, strong vocal awareness, bold self belief, and fearless performance delivery.

Covering vocal technique, voice function, support, breathing, alignment, projection, performance delivery, and vocal health, Vocal Performance Coaching will help you discover the fullness of your voice, and encourage you in a positive relationship with it as you explore your exceptional instrument.

Each session is uniquely tailored to your vocal needs and personal ambitions. Whether you are a songwriter wanting to workshop new material, a recording artist on a deadline for your latest album, a gigging musician needing vocal stamina for a tour, preparing for an X Factor audition, an open mic lover, a karaoke legend, or a first timer, be assured I have worked with all of these performers and more, and would love to work with you too!


Vocal Production

I am a passionate advocate for the voice, and believe that every singer/artist/songwriter should have the opportunity to capture the very best of their voice, emotion, and story telling on their studio recording.

When in the studio with me, I will coach you to deliver a captivating vocal performance with excellent vocal technique, while conveying your most authentic self on your recording. Sessions are relaxed, empowering and fun!

If you have your own material you would like to record, or maybe you have a showreel or audition piece to record and send away, Vocal Production sessions at VPC will enable you to create a recording you will be proud of!

I am also happy to coach/record on location, where I can come to your studio or venue and work with you in your preferred environment if you don’t need to hire the VPC studio.


Vocal Masterclasses

Vocal education is important for every singer, and I strongly believe in the value of having a good and true awareness of vocal health and vocal technique to empower you in a positive relationship with your voice, and a successful career with longevity.

I host masterclasses to provide a wider opportunity for vocalists to learn in an informal environment for singers of all experiences/backgrounds. Masterclasses address common themes for singers, e.g. vocal health and technique, warming up, vocal function, breathing and support, mindset and confidence, harmony work etc, or can be devised as a bespoke programme for your vocal group/organisation.

I am committed to my professional development as a coach, and I seek to bring most relevant and credible evidence based resources to each masterclass. You will learn something new, have the opportunity for Q&A, and leave feeling inspired about your incredible voice!