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About Hannah Smikle

Hannah Smikle is a professional vocalist and voice coach, and has worked for over 10 years in the music industry. She has extensive experience both in live performance as a gigging musician and backing vocalist, and in the studio as a session singer and recording artist. She is a passionate advocate for the voice, and the potential it has within each of us.

Hannah has a wealth of experience as a vocal coach; bringing her advanced technical knowledge together with her work as a professional vocalist and performer, she has an impressive multi-disciplinary approach to vocal training. With these expertise, Hannah provides vocal coaching for individuals and institutions, vocal education masterclasses, vocal production and recording packages for artists in the studio, and creates bespoke vocal arrangements for choirs and backing vocal groups.

Hannah is a member of The Musician's Union, and The British Voice Association, has an Enhanced DBS Certificate, Public Liability Insurance and Indemnity Insurance.

Unlock the potential of your voice; you already have all you need within you.


Vocal Performance Coaching Values

Vocal Performance Coaching upholds a strong ethos of placing value on each vocalist and session. I honour the individual that I work with, and deliver a holistic approach to training with appreciation for the whole person in the process of singing.

I understand that sharing your voice can sometimes be a daunting, vulnerable experience, and I respect the courage it takes to invest in your training. It is my aim to provide a safe space for your to share your voice, to train and experiment with it, and to feel empowered as you do. Every session you will leave feeling you have achieved something; a new level of self acceptance, a degree of confidence that you didn’t feel before, insight into how your voice works, more control within your voice, or maybe you will master that vocal run you’ve always wanted to…!

Whatever your goal for your voice, you can expect Vocal Performance Coaching to:

  • Value every individual and every session

  • Believe in YOU! Your ability to achieve, and to encourage you in every stage

  • Respect the working relationship, and the space that you bring your voice to

  • Provide a safe, comfortable space to work in; Taking the session at an appropriate pace, listening well and being mindful of where you’re at in that moment

  • Recognise you as a whole person; considering your mindset, wellbeing, health, and other relevant holistic factors when working with your voice for optimum progress 

  • Champion community within the coaching studio- providing a free online forum for students to network and ask questions in, and hosting regular showcases and events to help each student feel connected within the local singing community

  • Deliver a high level of professional coaching, committed to investment in training and courses to bring you the best and most credible research and resources for your development

  • Take your voice, confidence, mindset, and performance to the next level, and encourage and inspire you to believe that you have all you need within you!